Planning for your and your employees future is essential. SDC Wealth has a number of retirement investment options for exactly this purpose and at affordable and flexible premiums.

A Provident Fund is a form of a retirement fund whereby a lump sum is paid out on the date of retirement. This amount will however be taxed, but as the receiver of the fund you are not required to reinvest the cash into another annuity. Provident Fund contributions are made on a monthly basis by the employee and in some instances the employer as well.

A range of products is currently available on the market and our professional team of experts will assist you to make the most appropriate choice for your retirement needs.

Whereas a provident fund can be fully paid out in cash at the retirement date of the insured, a pension can only pay out a specific portion of the total amount at once.

Thereafter a monthly income is paid to the insured in the form of a pension for the remainder of the insured’s life. Contributions are made on a monthly basis by both the employee and in some instances by the employer.

Retirement Annuities (RA’s) is an excellent investment option whereby a portion of the total invested amount is paid out as a lump sum upon reaching the retirement date. The remainder of the investment is then used to purchase an annuity which will provide you with a regular income.

RA’s provide the added advantage of giving your investment market exposure and can to a certain degree be customized to provide your investment maximum growth. This should however be carefully considered with the assistance of our experts who will guide you on your investment journey.

Group Funeral Cover is a very cost-effective way of supporting employees in their time of need. This form of cover is applicable to a single member, but can be extended to include immediate family members such as a spouse and children.

A significant benefit of this form of cover is that there are no waiting periods and hence funds can be accessed immediately. Cover and related benefits are product specific and therefore it is highly advisable that the expert guidance of our knowledgeable staff aresought when deciding upon the relevant cover for your business.

A business’ greatest asset is undoubtedly it’s human assets and therefore it is the responsibility of the employer to put place some form of financial protection for their employees in the unfortunate event of serious injury or death.

SDC Wealth has a range of products that includes life and disability insurance for businesses at flexible and customizable contributions.