Death, becoming disabled or contracting a severe illness is definitely not something that we want to think about. The reality is however that any of these events can occur at any time and to anyone without prior warning. Therefore, it is critical to invest in risk cover to ensure that you and your loved ones are properly cared for in such unfortunate events. Our products include Life Cover, Life Assurance, Disability Cover and Severe Illness Cover.

In the event of death, life cover will pay out a lump sum to your nominated beneficiary or estate. Life cover contributions are made on a monthly basis and can be customized to suit your needs and financial circumstances.
Whereas life insurance is applicable for a specific pre-defined period, life assurance covers the policy holder for their entire life and therefore a payout to your nominated beneficiary is guaranteed.
Disability cover pays out either a lump sum or a monthly income in the event that the policy holder becomes disabled in any way. Different plans from different companies may have varying definitions of how disability is defined and hence will also impact on the type, extent and cost of the cover. Our experts will assist you to decipher the various options so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your disability cover.
Severe Illness Cover is a form of personal cover that will pay out either a lump sum or monthly income in the event that the policy holder is diagnosed with a severe illness. This cover may in some instances also be extended to trauma related injuries, depending on the specific cover plan.
In the event that a policy holder is no longer able to fulfill his / her employment duties from which he/she derives an income, Income Protection will pay out a monthly income equal to the value and period defined and agreed upon in the insurance policy contract. This amount can be increased or decreased as the policy holder’s income needs change over time.