Investing your hardearned income may seem like a daunting and often confusing task. With SDC Wealth we guarantee expert advice and guidance to ensure that your money is well looked after, receives reasonable growth and are available when you need it most. For this purpose a range of financial products are available from only the most reputable and reliable financial services providers in the industry.

How much is enough for you to retire comfortably? Our experts will assist you to adequately determine and plan for your retirement.

Retirement annuities are excellent investment products for this exact purpose and has the added benefit of allowing you to customize your investment to suit both your anticipated needs as well as your budget.

Should you find yourself in the advantageous position of having access to excess cash, lump sum investments are an excellent choice for securing additional growth on that amount.

Therefore, single lump sum investments are made with the assistance of our team of experts to ensure that your investment achieves maximum market exposure. Growth rates are however typically directly related to your preferred level of risk as higher risk investments typically achieves more aggressive growth rates and vice versa. We will also ensure that you are entirely comfortable with your investment fund choices to suit your specific investment needs.

Flexible investments have the primary benefit of exposure across all types of assets, thereby increasing its potential growth whilst spreading risk.

A range of investment options are available on the market and SDC Wealth will assist you in choosing the most appropriate investments.

Looking for tax free investment options? The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is the perfect option for achieving growth on your savings and ensuring that the initial investment amount is secured.

With TFSA you are able invest up to R 36 000 per year tax free and gain access to your funds within a specified notice period, guaranteed. Many different product options are available and our experts will help you to choose the most appropriate savings account.