Unfortunately, accidents do happen and in that case you really want to ensure that your valuables are insured to compensate for your loss of physical assets. These assets can range from fixed assets such as property and buildings, to portable possessions such as laptops, cellphones, watches etc. We make use of only the most reputable and reliable insurance companies in the industry and provide additional assistance to determine the correct values of your assets which greatly reduces your risk of not being fully covered. Furthermore, our Domestic Insurance policy is able to cater for pensioners on an excess free basis.

Our shortterm insurance solutions include, but are not limited to:

Household content
Excess waivers
Motor insurance
Tyre and Rim Damage
Inception Value Policies (Value Booster)
Scratch and Dent
Cyber Liability
Legal Support

Our highly experienced staff will assist you in selecting the most adequate form of cover to meet your requirements – Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft or Third Party only options are available.

Sectional Title Insurance is in actual fact a legal requirement in terms of Section 37 of the Sectional Titles Act and is therefore a non-negotiable expense that are typically shared by all sectional title owners within the particular complex. Costs are normally included as part of each owner’s monthly levies and are calculated based on their respective participation quota applicable to each sectional title unit. In terms of coverage, Sectional Tile- / Body Corporate Insurance typically covers the body corporate for the replacement of any of the residential sections on the complex as well as assets considered as common property against a range of losses. This may entail losses incurred as a result of natural disasters, human error, malicious actions, burst pipes etc. A Body Corporate may even customize its insurance policy to include third party liability.

It is furthermore critical to note that this form of insurance does not cover household contents of the respective sectional title units as this remains the responsibility of the individual owners. Therefore,this cover primarily includes buildings, fixtures and fittings with the exception of additional coverage as mentioned above. Speak to one of our friendly and helpful staff members for more information and assistance.

In the event that you as a business owner is found legally responsible for third party damage, loss or injury, caused by either yourself or any one of your employees, as a result of the execution of any business related duties, professional liabilities insurance will provide you the financial cover to ensure that the claimed losses are adequately covered. Therefore, neither yourself nor your employees will be held personally liable for any such losses suffered. This form of insurance also provides cover for your employees in the event that they themselves become injured or suffers any other form of loss in the execution of their duties. Such cover is however required by law.

Typically, liability insurance include public liability, product liability, professional indemnity, director’s and officer’s liability etc. Each business is unique and therefore liability insurance is also customizable to ensure appropriate coverage.

Specific industries require specialized insurance products. Therefore, SDC Wealth offers a range of niche insurance products that can be customized and specified to the real requirements of the client. Niche Insurance products include:


Please speak to our friendly and helpful consultant to further discuss Niche Insurance Products appropriate to your specific industry.


Engineering Insurance Products are industry specific cover that typically includes contract works, contractor’s liability and plant all risks. Such policies are however customizable and may further include insurance against loss or damage related to plant machinery.


With ever changing weather patterns, the agricultural sector is particularly at increased risk and uncertainty and therefore this form of insurance can be customized to include a range of potential losses associated with the industry. Therefore, this form of insurance not only typically included Domestic Risk, but can also be expanded to include comprehensive agricultural Commercial Risk.


Businesses in the hospitality industry face many specific risks and therefore requires specific and customized insurance. Affected hospitality businesses include, but are not necessarily limited to:guesthouses, spas, B&B’s, restaurants, tour operators and guides, wedding and other special events venues. This form of insurance provides you as the business owner financial coverage against potential loss as a result of unplanned external events, non-payment or undue cancellation of bookingsand other events that could not have reasonably been foreseen or mitigated against and that has a direct negative financial implication on the business.


Marine insurance is an insurance product that specializes in aspects such as boats, yacht, jet ski’s as well as cargo, including imports and exports. Therefore, Marine Insurance is applicable to both private and commercial coverage and can be customized via our specialized Marine underwriters with the assistance and guidance of SDC Wealth.


SDC Wealth offers specific insurance for the aviation industry that includes experimental-, agricultural, rotorwing aircraft, as well as, gliders, microlights, non-type certified and drones. This form of insurance is applicable to both business (such as charter operators) as well as private / recreational flying.

Value Added Services are additional services that policy holders may wish to include as an extra onto their insurance contract in the form of benefits. Therefore, a particular risk or event is not insured against, such as the case with conventional insurance, but instead add a particular value to the existing policy. Examples of Value Added Services may include:

Excess waivers
Roadside assistance
Car hire
Credit Shortfall
Legal assistance
Education and training programmes

These services are highly customizable and industry specific and therefore our team of experts will guide you through the process of identifying and selecting the relevant value added services.